3 Ways To Honor A Passed Loved One In Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a beautiful beach destination filled with natural surroundings, beaches, and incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. If your loved one has passed away, then a visit to Cape Cod is a great way to honor their love and relive all your memories together. There are three different ways you can honor a loved one in Cape Cod. By bringing the cremated remains with you, you can truly honor their life and give them a respectful memorial service.

Ash Burial at the Cape Cod National Seashore

One of the more pristine areas in Cape Cod is the national seashore. The coastal area is home to several beaches and large sand dunes that sit right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. You can have your loved one be a part of nature and this beautiful area by having a special ash burial right on the beach. By contacting the National Seashore offices, you can obtain a legal permit to hold a small ceremony and bury the ashes on the beach. If your loved one enjoyed the beach, then this is a touching moment that can be remembered forever.

Along with the burial, you can bring small speakers and sound systems to play special songs or make speeches. The miles of beach also allow you to walk with the cremated remains until you find a suitable burying point for your loved one. When you are hiring cremation services, you have the ability to order small scattering tubes. These portable tubes make it easy to carry your loved one's remains along the beach. The whole tube can be buried in the sand, or it can be opened to place the ashes down.

Burial at Sea

The Cape Cod area provides plenty of opportunities to head out onto the ocean. Boat trips, fishing trips, and whale watches are just a few of the excursions that can take you out to sea. While out on the water, you can honor your loved one by spreading their ashes on the ocean. Instead of just letting the ashes float above the waves, you can purchase specific cremation products that are made to go naturally into the water.

Biodegradable water urns are made specifically for water burials like when remains are dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. These urns will peacefully sink to the bottom of the ocean and rest there. Slowly, the urns will disintegrate until everything is blended into the natural ocean life. These urns come in numerous shapes. You can select a traditional urn shape or something that matches the aquatic life of Cape Cod like a seashell or turtle design. You can also select smaller urn designs so that you only have to use a portion of the cremated remains and can save the rest for other uses like in-home memorials.

Portable Projection Screens

Whether you're on the beach, at a rustic log cabin, or another outdoor area in Cape Cod, there are a lot of places to hold memorials outdoors. A small campfire is an ideal way to gather friends and families around to tell stories and revisit memories. The beach or outdoor cabin area is also a great place to set up a portable projection screen to go along with the stories.

Portable projectors and screens can be attached to a small device like a tablet or phone. They are ideal for displaying pictures and videos of your loved one. You can easily create a visual slide-show that has a lot of emotional impact with the beauty of Cape Cod serving as the background. When visiting beaches, it's easy to walk around and find a private area where the projection screen can be set up at. It can create a fitting way to celebrate the life of your loved one. If they visited Cape Cod often in the past, then you can showcase pictures and videos from those travels. Then you can visit those same places to help relive the memories.

A variety of cremation services can really help you honor your loved one in Cape Cod. Plan out all of your ideas before purchasing urns and scattering products so you have an idea of what's needed for your trip. For more information, contact a cremation service, such as Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD.