3 Ways To Honor A Passed Loved One In Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a beautiful beach destination filled with natural surroundings, beaches, and incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. If your loved one has passed away, then a visit to Cape Cod is a great way to honor their love and relive all your memories together. There are three different ways you can honor a loved one in Cape Cod. By bringing the cremated remains with you, you can truly honor their life and give them a respectful memorial service. Read More 

For the Father: Coming to Terms with Placing a Baby for Adoption

As the father of an unborn child, you might have little say over whether your baby is put up for adoption or not. You might feel discouraged or angry that your partner is making this decision. However, it is often the best choice for an unplanned child. You can come to terms with putting your child up for adoption by looking at the situation objectively. Why Is Your Partner Making This Choice? Read More